Tour Details

6.000 ISK
Youth 7-15 years 3.000 ISK 
Kids 0-6 years FREE

1. May - 23. August

1 hour


What’s included?

100% sightings of puffins

Binoculars provided

Experienced and professional guides



Pick-up and drop off available for extra charge

Pick up options

2.200 ISK
Children 7-15 years
1.100 ISK
Children 0-6 years

Disclaimer for pick ups

Pick-ups must be booked with a minimum of one hour before the tours departure time, all pick-ups booked after that will be discarded.

Puffin tours


Embrace the ocean dwellers in their own habitat.


Puffins are some of the most interesting creatures on the planet. With big, colorful beaks, dark soulful eyes and an almost penguin like appearance, it is hard not to love them.

Embarking on a puffin-watching cruise is like going on a wild treasure hunt in the ocean. You can find the puffins on the nearby land, bobbing on the water or flying overhead. You can even face them up close. A truly charismatic bird to see in person! Puffins, a tour to treasure.


We are conveniently located at the old harbour which is downtown Reykjavik.

Puffin tour depart at 18:00 from Hlésgata (our office is at the waterfront).

Please be aware that due to environmental reasons during certain times of the year our trips may be delivered on a shared boat with one of our partners. At Reykjavik Sailors we are committed to ensuring the environment is kept pristine by making sure fewer boats are on the water during slower periods.

NOTE: You should schedule to be at our departure point at least 20 minutes before scheduled departure. Tickets can be bought at the booking panel on the webpage and you also can buy tickets at our departure zones.