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A calm start to a calm day. Soft winds followed us out as we headed west.

Found a minke whale  pretty much right away after we came out of the harbour limits.

Then we found another minke.

And then we found some dolphins as well.

Good conditions for spotting humpbacks, so if they are there, we'll find them.

No mackerel, at least not in numbers like they were yesterday.



The mackerel spots have appeared again...

And a minke, again pretty much right away.

Another minke, both of them hunting around the same mackerel spots.

Very good. Then we headed for dolphins. But no, even better news came.

humpback was sighted. And we head over there. (saw another minke on the way)

What do you know, it's Mr. Brownspots again !

Three days in a row, what an examplary specimen of a whale.

I would like more whales that show this kind of consistency.

And on the way back we checked out a jovial group of white-beaked dolphins.

Another fine day in Faxaflói, making a living, pointing at whales instead of working.