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So out we go.

Calm winds from the north.

A bit wet. The seas are calm.

Good spotting conditions.

And we spot minkes to the northwest. Maybe even a humpback in the area.

A lot of minkes. Big minkes, small minkes, pairs of minkes.

It's really unusual to see so many minkes in a such a small area.

A few of them lunge feeding even.

A great start.

And then.... the humpback is found.

We are pretty much out of time by this point.

But we try to get a look at it. It goes for a dive.

We wait for a bit. Look around, it could come up anywh....


With a corkscrew at the end.

So that was excellent.





A bit of a drizzle as we leave Reykjavik harbor. The seas are flat as a mirror.

I will miss this kind of weather as winter comes. 

We head in a westward direction, hearing rumors of a lot of minkes that way.


And minkes we find. A few at least.

A few minkes is really good because usually minkes are solitary creatures.

And we see a nice group of dolphins being quite playful.

Then we head back.  

And on the way back we manage to find a humpback.

We are quite out of time already. but we stop to get a glimpse at it.

It's a young humpback, that dives for a long time, but we manage to see it for a little while.



We head out with a whole lot of rain following of in the distance us behind us.

It's still calm. Even calmer than before. I've rented DVD's that were not this smooth on the underside.


But there is a change.

The large schools of mackerel are nowhere to be seen, they were all over the place a few days ago.

And then the bay was swarming with humpbacks, full of birds and fish and life...


Those were the days


The incredible numbers of minkes, just from this morning, seem to have dwindled down as well.

But we head on, stalwart in our mission of showing people some whales.


And we do manage to find a really good group of at least seven dolphins. We follow them for about fifteen minutes, which is a good time for us and the dolphins.


Then we head south for a bit. 

And there we watch a minke in the rain. It shows itself well, comes quite close (thought it looked a bit lighter in places than some minkes I have seen. hard to say though, because minkes can be quite evasive at times.) Every one gets a good look, everyone (even the minke) has a good time.


And then we head back to Reykjavik, sailing out of rain.