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Calm winds....

No. There is no way to call this sort of weather any kind of wind.

A lazy breeze. It's almost perfectly still.

Really good conditions. Flat seas stretching towards the horizon, Reykjanes and Snæfellsnes bordering the bay to the south and the north.

We can count the mountains on them.

It's not far that we have gone before we see a minke

A large calm minke whale, just swimming about, doing it's thing, taking it easy.

A bit of surface feeding, not staying under for too long.

It even comes close to us, checking us out.

Checks out all the three whale watching boats that come near it.

Probably the most curious minke I have seen this month.

A real good start to the day.

Let's see what the near future brings us.






Still just as calm as we head out on our midday tour.

And it has been a long time since I have seen so many whales out here.

First of we see a few harbor porpoises going by.

We catch a couple of good looks at them, which is at least one more good look than you can hope for from a porpoise.

Then further out we find at least four minke whales in a quite small area.

Diving for quite long, but still staying in same spot for the most part.

Might be as many as six or even seven minkes there all in all.

We watch them for a while, see a few more porpoises too.

A lot of the minkes are feeding from just below the surface, which is good, because we haven't been seeing to much fish on our echo sounder in the past few days.

More fish coming into the bay, hopefully.

We hear reports of humpbacks as well, more like rumors actually.

Way too far south to be of any use for us, about twice our possible range away, if they are there at all.

But maybe, just maybe, the humpbacks are coming back.

What a grand thing that would be.

After looking at the minkes for a while, and a fine showing they give, we head a bit north, where we encounter a pod of about twenty white beaked dolphins.

An active bunch they are as well, keep going in circles, we have to squeeze every ounce of agility out of Gullfoss to keep up.

And it's enough.

We get a really good look at the dolphins, very lively, a whole lot of calves among that group.

So, my theory is, if dolphin children are similar to human children (they are a bit, both tiny and adorable)

they are probably just running after them, trying to get them to behave.

After a few minutes of this we head back and see yet another group of porpoises.

Which makes for three, well seen, porpoise groups.

Which is about three more than usual, have I ever mentioned how terribly shy porpoises can be.

A rich full day, not a single frown was seen.


We are now nearing the end of summer. 

Tomorrow cold winds will blow down from the north east. 

This has been the calmest, warmest summer in recent memory, and even further back. 

Soon the days draw shorter and the nights longer, the auroras are beginning to do their majestic dance in the evenings. 

The weather is changing and we shall see what the winter brings us.


Interesting days ahead for all of us.




“The Only Thing That Is Constant Is Change -”― Heraclitus