05.09.2016 - WHALE WATCHING YOURS -09:00 - 13:00


Today was a day of highs and lows.


It started out with low winds, and a low volume of whale sightings.

We did see a couple of minkes, they were really skittish and a bit ways off.

And further out we saw about four dolphins, they were nice but terribly hard to get a good look at.


As the day went on the wind started picking up a bit.

Not too bad though, a bit rough, a few white tops.


But on our midday tour we were in for a treat.

We see a minke whale, which isn't that much of an achievement in itself, but then we see another one right next to it.

Two minkes. Very nice.


And one of them comes real close.

Checked us out, and another whale watching boat just beside us.

Some great pictures were taken.

All in all a fine day.


The weather looks decent in the coming days and hopefully, the rumors and reports of humpbacks to the south of us will finally yield some sightings of them 

in the near future.