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It is fun to go out to sea.

Even when the weather is working against you and there is not a whale in sight.


Northern winds.

The bay was barren as the day started out.

We searched through the north of it.

And we searched through the center.

And a bit to the south.

There was not a whale in sight.


But on our last tour, we aimed to try something different.

As I mentioned a few days ago, we had heard of humpbacks far to the south.

So the captain devises a plan. A simple plan, the best kind of plan.

"We set sail to south, we push the engines as hard as they can handle, and we won't stop until we find a whale. We can sail for two hours until we have to turn back. 

We are going to find a whale."


And we set sail, full power to the south.

And after about thiry minutes we find about three minkes, pretty much right away.


Minkes are still a fun bit of challenge at the best of times.

And those minkes were not going to show themselves just like that though.

But we chased them around for a bit, got some good looks.

The wind started dying down.

We saw some porpoise calves. A bit more minke.


It's incredible how quickly a day can go from good to bad, but it's astounding how easily a day can go from bad to good.


Yet another fun trip with Reykjavík Sailors.

Because it's always fun to go out to sea.