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Southeastern winds chased us out of the harbor this morning.

A bit of a swell and some rain. 

Clouds covering every inch of sky, looking so thick you could probably cut them into blocks and build a really soft house.


Hardly a bird in sight, and as we all know, no birds means no fish. No fish, no whales

Some of our fellow whale watchers locate dolphins up ahead, everyone checks them out for a while.

They give us a bit of a chase. Just a couple of white-beaked dolphins in hurry to get somewhere.


And then we make our way north.

And nothing there, then a bit more nothing, It's going to be one of those whale-free days isn't it.....

But no !

A large minke crosses our path two hundred meters ahead, and then she just keeps reappearing.

You see, there is this thing I refer to as "the minke problem."

That's when a minke appears once and then she is gone with the wind.

This one did not suffer from that.


She just kept popping up, all over the place. changing direction, feeding from just beneath the surface.

Some northern gannets joined in on the hunt, diving gracefully around the minkes.


Minkes ? Oh. Yeah. Suddenly they were two. TWO minke whales.

Seeing how anti-social minkes can be, that's one more than usually.

And seeing how fast and elusive they can be, it's almost two more than usually.

Why, I do believe I can write this tour down as a success.



And out we go again.

The weather is acting up again. More waves, more swell.

Way more white tops. Harder conditions overall.

We'll see how it goes.


It goes on and on.

But we still drive on. And in the end we are rewarded for our efforts.

Not very well, but still. 

We find minke whales to the north. A whole lot of them actually, at least three or four.

But as ever, the minkes remain elusive and hard to see.

One does come up right next to us at one point, but it comes up when everyone is on the otherside, like minkes like to do.

We see them a few more times, they go as fast as they come.

It's fun, but not really living up to our standards. So in the end we just write this down as a return trip, so everyone can try again.

A fine day then, some folks saw a whale, others get another fun trip.