Whale Watching:

13:00 - ON

Northern Lights:

21:00 - ON

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And out we go again.

And for the first time in a long, long while, the weather is nice.
Actually it's really pleasant.
A firm northern breeze, a bit chilly, not freezing.
Sunshine, the rarest of things in recent times, beams down on us as we make our way out of Reykjavík harbor.

The surrounding landscapes are illuminated beautifully by the ever setting sun.
The white of the snow and the dark gray of the mountains contrast sharply.
We see from one end of the bay to the other. 
Framed by Reykjanes to the south and Snæfellsnes to the north.

A lot of life out in the bay today, quite many groups of birds, and a whole lot of fish is seen on our echosounder.
At least five harbor porpoises are seen with the birds, circling around flock, chasing fish.
They do look quite young, and therefore, tiny.

We head as far out as we possibly can but we do not find anything else out in the bay today.
Rumors of half glimpsed tail flukes and spouts keep us on our toes, but turn out to be unfruitful.
Many would count five porpoises as a full sighting and an acceptable tour, not me. 
So we give everyone a complimentary return, and of course valid for two years.
At least it was a really pleasant ride on a pleasant day.
And life is coming into the bay again, which is, without exaggeration, wonderful.
With the fish come the whales, so I am excited.

But we shall see what the future holds.