Whale Watching:

13:00 - ON

Northern Lights:

21:00 - OFF

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Finally we were blessed with decent weather again.

We went out, a little bit of leftover swell from days past (there was a lot to be leftover, those were some intense days) but the weather was very calm.

Visibility was not good though, and to be honest, at times it was awful.


Still cool to see.

Thick walls of fog closing in on all sides.

Always feeling like something is lurking, just out of sight.

The fear.....


The only thing lurking anywhere today were harbor porpoises though.

They are usually about the size of an eleven year old.

Not ideal candidates for spooky fog monsters.

They did keep disappearing every time we saw them.

Which is a very good trait for horrible monsters, quite unfortunate for whale watching trips though.

So everyone gets to try again, anytime in the next two years.


Still, a nice ride through some scenic fog (as scenic as fog gets) in decent weather.

I'd be up for that any day.


The capelin is going to show up sooner or later, and something grand will follow.

I am sure of it.


We shall see.