Whale Watching:

12:45 - ON

Northern Lights:

21:00 - ON


We got some photos from our passenger.

Thank you Ryan, for sharing your photos with us.


Out we go again.

Rain and clouds all around,  the wind is blowing calmly from the north east.

The view is nice. We can see Snæfellsnes to the north of us, covered in low hanging clouds.

To the south of us we see nothing.

Reykjavík and Reykjanes are shrouded in rain.

We head out and back again.

Our echosounder sees a little bit of life in the sea.

But as we turn back, we hear reports of dolphins close to the coast.

So we step on it, full throttle. You do have to go fast if a pod of dolphins are seen, as they can disappear quite quickly.

It takes a moment to get to the area. And it takes a while to find them.

But we do find them. Hiding in the rainy mist.

A pod of 6, or more, white-beaked dolphins, a few calfs among them.

Bouncing merrily in the waves. We get a few good looks at them, they even go under the boat.

All in all, a fine calm tour.


The next few days are looking okay.

More eastern winds are expected, should be quite managable.

And as winter moves in, hopefully soon, we should have a few more calm days ahead of us

So the future looks bright.