Whale Watching:

12:45 - ON

Northern Lights:

21:00 - ON


All right.

Last night we sailed out. We were going to go find Northern Lights.

We didn't find them. They found us.


Even before we were able to release from dock they were going crazy.

But we made our way out into the dark waters, under a waxing gibbous moon, and a beautiful dancing ribbon of northern lights stretching from southwest to northeast.

They formed an impressive spiral for a long while until they calmed down a bit, but we could still see them.

Sometimes behind clouds, sometimes pale.

But always there.


Today we went out in pretty nice weather, saw some pretty nice scenery, and looked for some pretty nice whales.

We only glimpsed a white-beaked dolphin for a moment. Straight under us.

But he disappeared as fast as he came.

Still, two out of three.


Large flocks of seagulls were seen to the north.

Some fish was seen on the echolocator.

Hoping for more life in the bay soon. It's getting better.


But all our passangers get to try again, anytime in the next two years.

And we shall wait patiently too see what the future holds....