Whale Watching:

Conditions on the ocean are rough today, so we will experience some movements on the boat.

Complimentary sea sickness pills are available in our office or on the boat, so if you are sensitive for the motion sickness please ask our crew.

We do provide warm and waterproof overalls for our passengers.

We are waiting for you, come and join our Whale Watching tour today!!

9:00 - ON

SIGHTINGS: Minke whale & White-beaked dolphins

13:00 - ON

SIGHTINGS: Minke whale & Harbour porpoises & White-beaked dolphins


Northern Lights:

We hope to see great aurora show tonight - very high activity on a partly cloudy sky.
We are waiting for you, come and join our Northern Lights tour tonight!!

21:00 - ON

SIGHTINGS: Our passengers are welcome to join complimentary tour again