Whale Watching:

We are expecting good ocean conditios today during the morning and rough towards the afternoon tour, but anyway, if you are prone to sea sickness, we recommend to take sea sickness pills that we have free of charge in our office or on board.

We do provide warm and waterproof overalls for our passengers.

Have a nice trip!

9:00 - ON

SIGHTINGS: Minke Whale & White-beaked Dolphins

13:00 - ON - Rough

We are expecting rough conditions on the ocean today so we are advising passengers who are sensitive to sea sickness or travelling with small children, please, speak to our office team before boarding. If you are sensitive for the motion sickness please ask in our office or crew on the boat for complimentary seasickness pills.

We do provide warm and waterproof overalls for our passengers.

SIGHTINGS: White-beaked Dolphins


Northern Lights:

Due to unfavorable clouds cover we are forced to cancel our Northern Lights tour tonight :(
Our passengers are more than welcome to reschedule reservation to another day.                                                               

If rescheduling reservation is not an option and have not joined a tour with us yet, please contact your agent/us for refund.To reschedule or claim refund please contact us at info@reykjaviksailors.is or directly to your agent.

21:00 - OFF