Tour Details

18.900 ISK
Children 0-6 years FREE

1.March - 31. October

11 hours


What’s included?

Whale Watching tour:

  • Experienced, friendly and professional guides
  • Warm flotation overalls!
  • Heated indoor cabins with toilet facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi on board
  • Seasickness tablets available

Please note: If you join the tour and there are no sightings, the ticket number/booking number is valid for another tour with us; This ticket number/booking number can only be used by the original ticket holder and cannot be distributed to another person for their use.

Golden Circle tour:

  • Wi-Fi
  • Power plugins
  • Tea and coffee
  • Scandinavian treats
  • Blankets and extra stops where guests can purchase souvenirs or refreshments. 

Pick up options

Please let us know if you want us to pick you up at your hotel.

2.200 ISK
Children 0-6 years

Disclaimer for pick ups

Pick-ups must be booked with a minimum of one hour before the tours departure time, all pick-ups booked after that will be discarded.

Whale Watching + Golden Circle


Become a viking exploring the North Atlantic Ocean and the land of fire and ice!

We start our trip on an unforgettable whale watching tour with Reykjavik Sailors.

This combo tour brings you to an adventure in the blue Atlantic Ocean that is full of whales and many different species all year around! From the Minke, and Humpback and Killer Whales to White Beaked Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises. The high peak season for whale watching is from April to October, but of course the ocean is always full of adventures. You can see all the other aquatic species, all sorts of wildlife and at the same time enjoy the splendid scenery around the coast of Iceland.

Our ship is comfortable, warm and suits very well for Whale Watching. There are outdoor viewing platform, large indoor saloon with toilet facilities and free Wi-Fi. We do provide warm overalls for all our passengers and life vests for children. Those who want to visit the captain are welcome to do so. Snack, hot drinks, soft drinks and some alcohol beverages are sold on board.

We are conveniently located at the old harbour which is downtown Reykjavik. Whale Watching tours depart at 9:00 from Hlésgata (our office is at the waterfront).

At 12:30, N Iceland Tours will be picking you up from the parking lot in front of Aurora Reykjavik (1 min walling from the harbour) for a tour with a guide/host with you.

You are now the viking who has been sailing on the ocean and settling while exploring the land of fire and ice where the Golden Circle will be the perfect starting point!

The Golden Circle tour allows you to visit some of Iceland’s most stunning sights, starting with the Thingvellir National Park, Öxarafoss Waterfall, Geysir geothermal area, Strokkur geyser, Gullfoss waterfall and the Kerið volcanic crater. The Golden Circle is a world of lava fields, waterfalls, geothermal activities and historical places including the world's first parliament where the vikings, being divided into several clans after the first settlement, met each summer during The Icelandic Commonwealth period which ran from 930 till 1262. Thingvellir is also one of the only places on earth where the separation of the Euro-Asian and North American plates can be seen by the naked eye and you will be able to walk in between the plates! 

In the Geysir geothermal area you will experience the popular Strokkur Geyser blowing water up in the air in average every 8 minutes which can reach highs of 30-40 m above the surface! Beside Strokkur Geyser, we have the actual Geysir which erupts approximately every 15 years and the landscape around the big Geysir is absolutely astonishing as everything around you constantly boils. It is not for nothing that Iceland is called the land of fire and ice, and you can be your own kind of a viking exploring these incredible areas.

In the tour, we will visit one of the most powerful waterfalls in Europe; the Gullfoss waterfall, and if you are lucky you can see the big rainbow dancing over the waterfall during sunny days. This waterfall is located in the glacial river called Hvíta. 

The last destination will be the Kerið Volcanic Crater which is one of many volcanic craters existing around the Golden Circle area. Around Kerið, we have lots of green, red and yellow lava rocks that once used to be fluent. 

We do include extra stops to greet some of the icelandic horses nearby the Geysir area if they are out. 

The Golden Circle tour includes Wi-fi, Power plugins, tea, coffee and Scandinavian treats, blankets and extra stops, where you can purchase some souvenirs or refreshments. 


Whale Watching: 

  • January - May & 16 September - December: 13:00
  • June - 15 September: 14:00
  • March - 15 November: 9:00
  • Whale Watching tour last for:

Winter - approx. 3-3,5 h

Summer (1.06-15.09) - approx. 2 - 3h at 9:00 & 14:00 - will be provided with the faster boat so the time on the spotting area will be the same, just sailing to that point and back to harbour would be shorter.