Private tour

Exclusive Private Tours

We can arrange private tours for groups of all sizes, from 1-120 people. This can involve a whale watching tour, a northern lights tour, sightseeing tour, sea angling tour or anything your heart desires. The tour can possibly have a different starting point, route and theme of topics according to the groups interest. If wanted we can also provide light food on board and even music, the options are endless, and we will do our best to meet all of your request. The tour includes service on board and guidance from one of our knowledgeable guides if desired. Arrangements and timing are negotiable and depends on the vessels previously booked engagements. The tour can last up to 4 hours or shorter for that matter. The options are endless.

The price for our private tours varies depending on the number of passengers and length of the tour, please contact us at to get an offer for your group.

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