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Whale watching + Wonders of Iceland & 360° DECK

12.990 ISK
Teenagers 16-17 years: 10.990 ISK
Youth 7-15 years 6490 ISK
Children 6 years 1950 ISK
Kids 0-5  FREE

NOTE: You should schedule to be at our Whale Watching departure point at least 30 minutes before scheduled departure.
Tickets can be bought at the booking panel on the webpage and you also can buy tickets at our departure zones.

More information

Experience the best Iceland has to offer with spectacular whale watching opportunities and wonders of Iceland Exhibition.

Whale Watching tour is unique experience and we do our best to make this a lifetime experience for you.
All the year around you’ll be able to see a variety of whales by the coast, from the Minke, Humpback and Killer whales to White Beaked Dolphins and Harbour Porpoises. The high peak season for whale watching is from April to October, but of course the ocean is always full of adventures. You can see all the other aquatic species, all sorts of wildlife and at the same time enjoy the splendid scenery around the coast of Iceland.

Same day you can visit Perlan and its Wonders of Iceland exhibition where in fun and educational way you can increase you knowledge about Icelandic volcanoes, tectonic plates, earthquakes and geothermal areas, experience cinematic underwater journey around Iceland where you will meet with all ocean mammals right at your fingertips and after you may get inside Ice Cave, man built with over 350 tons of snow and feel like in a real one. On observation deck on the top floor of Perlan you will have an incredible 360° view of Reykjavik and the surroundings.

Please be aware that due to environmental reasons during certain times of the year Whale Watching trips may be delivered on a shared boat with one of our partners. At Reykjavik Sailors we are committed to ensuring the environment is kept pristine by making sure fewer boats are on the water during slower periods.

Please note: Whale Watching is a natural activity governed by the laws of the weather. If the trip is cancelled due to bad weather, the Whale Watching ticket is refunded if following tour was not joined before.

If boat tour (part of combo) is cancelled on our behalf but purchased ticket includes the admission to Wonders of Iceland, full price for the following admission will be charged and difference in prices will be refunded.
If you don’t see a whale on the Whale Watching tour, you have the option to take the tour again for free.
NOTE: You should schedule to be at our boat departure point at least 30 minutes before scheduled departure. Tickets can be bought at the booking panel on the webpage and you also can buy tickets at our departure zones.


Tour details

snowflakeSeasonAll year
clockDuration2 - 3.5 hours
steering-wheelDepartures9:00 / 13:00 - 14:00*

Whale Watching:

  • January – May & 16 September – December: 13:00
  • June – 15 September: 14:00
  • March – 15 November: 9:00

Whale Watching tour last for:

Winter – approx. 3-3,5 h

Summer (1.06-15.09) – approx. 2 – 2.5h at 9:00 & 14:00 – will be provided with the faster boat so the time on the spotting area will be the same, just sailing to that point and back to harbour would be shorter.

PERLAN: Wonders of Iceland

Check admission time on your ticket

What’s included

Whale watching:

  • Experienced, friendly and professional guides
  • Warm floatation overalls!
  • Heated indoor cabins with toilet facilities
  • Free Wi-Fi on board
  • Seasickness tablets available
  • Sold on board: Light snacks, sandwiches, coffee, tea, beer and soft drinks
  • Pick-up and drop off available for extra charge

Wonders of Iceland:

  • Forces of nature
  • Látrabjarg Cliff
  • Underwater journey
  • Ice cave & Glacier exhibition
  • 360° Observation Deck

* All of our tours are subject to weather conditions and sightings cannot be guaranteed. We reserve the right to cancel the tour due to bad weather conditions.
If there are no sightings on the tour use tour ticket to join us on the next available day.
Please check the tour status before arrival on our homepage in DAILY DIARY.

Pick up options

Please let us know if you want us to pick you up at your hotel.

  • Adults: 2.200 ISK
  • Youth 7-15 years: 1.100 ISK
  • Kids 0-6 years: FREE

Disclaimer for pick ups

Pick-ups must be booked with a minimum of one hour before the tours departure time, all pick-ups booked after that will be discarded.

Pickup service is available only for the Whale Watching tour.

Pre-booked pickup service DO NOT apply to Wonders of Iceland transfer 

Perlan’s shuttle bus is free for ticket holders SCHEDULE

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