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FlyOver Iceland - See all of Iceland on the ultimate flying ride!

Sky Lagoon Reykjavík - A thermal spa inspired by nature & culture.

Perlan - Wonders of Iceland - Offers unforgettable experiences of Iceland’s natural wonders. The Ice Cave is the first of its kind in the world.

Icelandic Horse Expeditions: Explore the Land of Fire and Ice on Horseback

Hop On Hop Off City Sightseeing - Explore Reykjavík

Grand Golden Circle Tour - Experience Þingvellir, Geysir, Gullfoss and Kerið Volcano in one tour

Top 12 tips for driving in Iceland - Explore Iceland

Explore Iceland

1. In the first place, all passengers are required to wear seatbelts at all times

This applies to the back seat also as they are no safer than the front seats.

2. DO NOT STOP in the middle or the side of the road for photos

Many accidents have occurred when foreign tourists stop at a an unsafe spot to admire the view or take pictures.

3. Choose your speed according to conditions…weather & road

The speed limit applies to the best conditions and in winter conditions are seldom so good that you can drive according to the speed limit.

4. Please slow down when you are approaching gravel roads

The tires will lose grip when crossing from paved roads to gravel. Not slowing down can make you loose control of the car.

5. You must respect road closures for your own safety. “Lokað” means closed

We dont close roads unless it is needed.

6. The lights on the car are required to be ON at all times – all year round

“Auto” setting on the lights is not enough.

7. We recommend to check weather & road conditions before you start your day

This is especially important in winter.

8. You have to stop for oncoming traffic at single lane bridges

The speed limit is 50km/h and the car that arrives first has the right of way. Slow down when getting close to single lane bridges.

9. Do not use your phone or tablet when driving

Be smart, be safe, pay attention to the driving. You will get heavy fines.

10. Don’t drive when tired

Switch drivers, stop for 15 minutes and don’t schedule long days.

11. With attention to children under 135 cm are legally required to use car seats

The car seat should be the correct one for their age.

12. Of course Off-road driving is strictly forbidden

F-roads and gravel roads are not off-road driving, when you drive off them it is.


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